As the longest standing home birth midwifery practice in Connecticut, Nancy has been lovingly and skillfully serving the needs of the home birth community for over 28 years. She has held certification as a CPM through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) since 1993.  Her diverse experience includes attending over 750 births.  Her trusting intuition, and gentle manner are invaluable to her trade.  Nancy believes strongly in the traditional apprentice model of midwifery education. She has attended many seminars and conferences on various topics pertinent to women's health, birth, parenting, herbal healing, massage and midwifery. Nancy has also had several speaking engagements on homebirth, midwifery care and siblings at birth. Nancy is Mother to three grown children, the third of which was born at home, and Nanny to five grandchildren. Nancy's other interests include gardening, landscaping, soap-making, photography, animals and antiques.


Nancy Farr, Certified Professional Midwife