My Philosophy

The rite of passage into motherhood is a flow of experiences which are an intimate and intense adventure. As a traditional Midwife, I value the normalcy of unmedicalized pregnancy and homebirth, looking beyond the mechanical, pathological approach of the mainstream medical model. I relate to a pregnant woman as a client, not a patient; a well being, not a defective machine.  This is the Wise Woman Way of birth. I encourage a woman and her family to participate fully in the experience while utilizing their midwives to provide guidance, information and support. I maintain traditions which facilitate and safeguard the natural process of pregnancy and homebirth. Our foundation of care is based on honesty, respect and trust. 

As skilled practitioners, Midwives respect the natural rhythm of the birth process. I believe strongly in a "hands-off" approach, resulting in spontaneous birth.  With focus on the prevention of problems, I take appropriate action when necessary and refer the woman/baby accordingly when medicalized attention beyond what can be provided in the home is necessary.

‚ÄčI provide care for "low risk" pregnancy and birth.  I refer out when appropriate for special circumstances that may require more specialized medical care, but a high risk pregnancy does not rule out midwifery care. 


I recognize that quality of care greatly suffers when fragmented amongst providers, so there are no shift changes or assistants you've never met at your birth. I will see you for your prenatal visits, will attend your homebirth and follow up with your postpartum care.