Planning a ​Homebirth with a skilled attendant provides an opportunity to birth without major surgery in the absence of a valid medical reason. My clients VBAC success rate is over 86%. 

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care with a midwife includes access to prenatal labwork, screening for GBS (group beta streptococcus) and referrals for ultrasound sonography for those who choose to utilize this technology.  As Traditional Midwives we recommend utilizing time-honored methods as alternatives to standard medical model procedures.  Prenatal visits are typically over an hour long and address both the physical and emotional concerns and needs of mother and baby. Women are encouraged to involve their family members and friends in their prenatal visits.  Visits occur monthly until 32 weeks, then bi-weekly until 36 weeks at which time a home visit is done.  At this visit, we go over our emergency back up plan as well as your individual desires for your homebirth.  After the home visit we are "on-call" for your homebirth and meet weekly until the baby arrives.

VBAC : Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section(s)

Service Area

Nancy Farr serves women seeking Homebirth across Connecticut, Rhode Island and Southern Massachusetts.  

With an office in Lebanon CT, most clients travel less than an hour for prenatal visits. 


Water Birth

Most (95%+) of our clients utilize Aquatherapy during labor and birth in water.  We offer tub rentals for those who do not have access to a deep tub in the home. Waterbirth is safe and beneficial to mother and baby, and we highly recommend this option.



Unexpected Outcomes

Assuming careful prenatal screening, good health of the mother, excellent nutrition and conscientious prenatal care, the overwhelming majority of planned home births occur healthily and happily without difficulty. Planning a homebirth requires acknowledgement of the fact that there are complications that can arise during labor, birth and postpartum. Although I focus on the prevention of problems and are skilled and prepared to handle emergencies at home, there are some situations that necessitate transfer to the hospital for specialized care to ensure the safety of the mother and/or baby.  In the event of transfer, I will remain with you and assume a labor support/consumer advocate role while in the hospital.  

Home Birth

Planned homebirth with a skilled attendant has been shown time and time again to have comparable and even improved outcomes as planned hospital birth (see resources).  A natural birth requires much energy, and thus we encourage eating to hunger, staying hydrated and alternating rest with activity. We are typically in contact during early labor and come to your home once active labor has been established. We monitor both mother and baby, provide the individualized support you need. We are prepared to intervene if necessary but the vast majority of mothers and babies planning homebirth do best with a hands-off, less is more approach.  We will stay with you for a minimum of three hours after the birth to help ensure the stability of mom and baby and get breastfeeding established. Postpartum home visits are done at 1, 3 and 5 days.  Care for the newborn includes a comprehensive newborn exam on the day of birth, thorough follow ups, help with breastfeeding, access to Newborn Screening and registration of the birth in order to receive a birth certificate and social security card.